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At MLG Injury, our boat accident lawyers in Florida understand that the over 961,000 vessels that are registered in our state at used for far more than recreational weekends on the water. Fishing boats, charters, privately owned vessels, and large tour and ferry boats all provide a valuable service when they are operating safely. Unfortunately, negligence is just as likely to occur on the water as it is on our roadways. When our residents are injured because of boater negligence, our personal injury attorneys in Florida are here to help pursue the liable party for their financial recovery.

What are the Most Common Causes of Boat Accidents in Florida?

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, 723 boating accidents were reported on our waterways last year, and not surprisingly, alcohol use was the leading known factor in fatal boating accidents accounting for 23% of all boat-related fatalities over the same period. Other common causes of boat accidents in Florida include:
  • Distracted or careless operation
  • Operator inexperience
  • Navigational errors
  • Obstructed vision
  • Failing to appoint a proper lookout
  • Excessive speed
  • Sharp turns
  • Overloading the vessel
  • Lack of lifejackets and/or safety gear
  • Colliding with objects or other vessels
  • Running aground
  • Capsizing and/or sinking
  • Electrocutions from stray currents
  • Standing or sitting in unauthorized areas
  • Slips and falls aboard the vessel
  • Falls overboard
  • Force of waves/wake
  • Propeller accidents
  • Fires or explosions
  • Mechanical or equipment failures
  • Dangerous weather conditions

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If you have been injured in a boating accident in Florida — including those on jet skis or other watercraft – or have tragically lost a loved one in a boating accident, contact our experienced personal injury lawyers in Florida today to learn more about your rights and options in holding the negligent party liable for your financial recovery.


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