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Personal Injury Lawyers in Coral Gables, Florida

At MLG Injury, our personal injury lawyers in Coral Gables provide customized solutions for our just over 50,000 residents, any time they have been injured by another person, party, or entity’s negligence.

Our Miami-Dade County personal injury attorneys understand the challenges of pursuing emergency and ongoing medical care and extended time away from work to retune to the quality of life you enjoyed before the accident occurred.

We want to help you overcome these difficulties by providing real-time legal solutions that our clients can count on to get their lives back on track.

At MLG Injury, our dedicated personal injury lawyers in Florida provide free consultations and represent eligible clients on contingency basis, so they pay no upfront costs for our services, and no legal fees at all until we provide a positive outcome for their unique cases.

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Coral Gables, Florida Practice Areas

At MLG Injury, our personal injury attorneys in Coral Gables, Florida instill confidence in our clients, so they can pursue the financial recovery they are entitled to after their lives are turned upside down by negligence.

Our Coral Gables personal injury lawyers represent clients throughout the city in the following practice areas:

If you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident caused by negligence, contact our Coral Gables personal injury attorneys today to learn more about how we walk our clients through the legal process, step by step, to ensure they have access to the resources they need to produce results.

Knowledgeable Boat Accident Lawyers in Coral Gables, Florida

Coral Gables holds several of the wealthiest zip codes and neighborhoods in the United States, including:

  • Cocoplum
  • Gables By The Sea
  • Gables Estates
  • Hammock Oaks
  • Old Cutler Bay
  • Snapper Creek and Lakes
  • Tahiti Beach

Within those neighborhoods, and others throughout Coral Gables, residents own boats of all sizes and styles, which are not immune to the dangers of negligence on our waterways.

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are on the water, negligence can find its way to you, and injure you, your boat occupants, and cause significant and costly damage that our clients should never have to pay out of pocket.

Some of the most common causes of boat accidents in Coral Gables include:

  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Capsizing and/or sinking
  • Colliding with other vessels
  • Dangerous weather conditions
  • Distracted operation of a vessel
  • Equipment failures
  • Excessive speed
  • Falls overboard
  • Force of waves/wake
  • Improper lookout
  • Lack of lifejackets and/or safety gear
  • Navigational errors
  • Onboard fires
  • Operator inexperience
  • Propeller accidents
  • Running aground
  • Slips and falls aboard the vessel

If you have been hurt in a boat accident, contact our experienced personal injury attorneys in Coral Gables, Florida to learn how we can help you pursue the negligent party for your financial recovery.

Slip and Fall & Premises Liability Injury Attorneys in Coral Gables, Florida

At MLG Injury, our Coral Gables slip and fall attorneys know that no matter where you live, work, dine, or pursue entertainment in Florida, negligence can be a factor throughout, no matter the time of day.

Unfortunately, when property owners allow negligence to become a factor, placing their patrons, visitors, or guests in danger, our residents get hurt.

Some of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents in Coral Gables include:

  • Being struck by or against an object
  • Broken stairs, elevators, or escalators
  • Damaged playground equipment
  • Electrocutions
  • Falls from heights
  • Fires
  • Inadequate security
  • Loose floor mats
  • Missing or damaged hand railings
  • Poorly lit areas
  • Toxic fumes or chemicals
  • Uneven sidewalks
  • Water leaks or flooding
  • Wet floors

If you have been injured while visiting a shopping mall, grocery store, restaurant, entertainment areas, sports venues, or a hotel or resort, you may be eligible to pursue the property owner or operator for financial recovery.

Contact our skilled personal injury lawyers in Coral Gables, Florida today to discuss your injuries and learn how we will systematically outline your legal rights and options for compensation.

Local Healthcare & Emergency Services for Our Coral Gable, Florida Residents

If you experience an emergency in Coral Gables, you should have access to emergency services that can provide solutions for your unique needs.

To follow is a list of resources to help provide the help you need.

Coral Gables, Florida Healthcare Facilities

Coral Gables, Florida Police & Emergency Services

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